Top 5 Advantages of Using a Recruiter to Find Your Next Job

A good tech recruiter is worth his or her weight in gold. They’ll work hard to place you and will use strong industry connections to do it as efficiently as possible. We reached out to some of the top tech recruiters to learn about what they bring to the table:

1: The Difference Between a Cold Intro and a Warm One

Cold introductions are often difficult for everyone involved. Even if you find a company that seems like a great fit, you run the very real risk of becoming just another sheet of paper in a large stack of resumes (or, worse, an online application that earns a permanent seat in hiring limbo). A good recruiter can solve this problem.

A good recruiter will have solid relationships with the relevant hiring managers and can make your introduction a warm one. They have the ability to bridge the gap between the company and the candidate. This will help your resume be seen quickly and to be taken seriously. Recruiters can open a line of communication and keep it open. They serve as your representative in the early stages of the selection process.

A recruiter can speak with a hiring manager before your first meeting and can make persuasive recommendations based on their impressions of you. You can make note of good communication skills on your resume all you want, but a verbal recommendation will always be more compelling. Recruiters may even be able to help you to identify areas of strength you didn’t even know you had.

Several recruiters we spoke with mentioned that even candidates who weren’t an exact match for the hiring criteria were presented with offers after they advocated on their behalf. Not being a perfect match for a position on paper does not always mean you’re not the best candidate. Occasionally, a recruiter can make a compelling argument to the hiring manager and show them that you would be a great fit. This is something that no resume could ever do.

2. Knowledge of the Market

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran of the industry, odds are, good tech recruiters know more about the current job offerings out there than you do. They have more knowledge of current salaries and job availability – they may even be able to offer you job categories you didn’t even know existed. Leaning on a good recruiter’s knowledge base can be a much more efficient use of your time than doing the research for yourself.

An experienced recruiter will be able to answer questions you may have about the hiring organization. You should take advantage of this resource and ask questions – especially those you wouldn’t be comfortable asking your interviewer. A recruiter will be able to fill you in on the company’s culture, managers, and other features of the job that are not otherwise readily available to an applicant. They have a vested interest in finding the right person for the job.

3. Efficiency

One recruiter we spoke with described the traditional application process this way, “You invest time searching for positions in the area and sending your resume to a portal, where it most likely isn’t seen by a decision maker. You end up spending a lot of time doing this because the response rate isn’t high.” In many ways, time really is money and the more time it takes you to get through the application and hiring process, the longer you will need to wait to get the salary you want from the company you want.

A good recruiter will be able to find the best fit for you faster and more efficiently than you would otherwise be able to (just be clear and upfront about your goals and requirements for a new position). Consider delegating the legwork of finding the perfect position to a person with industry connections and experience.

Recruiters are often able to speed up the interview process itself. A recommendation from a reputable recruiter can hold weight with a hiring manager. In the time it takes you to realize that you will likely never hear back about the resume you submitted online, you could already be through the interview process and be working on negotiating your hiring package if you have a good recruiter working with you.

4. Help You to Polish Yourself

You might know you’re the perfect candidate for a job opening, but a good recruiter can help you to be perceived this way. Many will assist with interview preparation, resume polishing, and coaching throughout the process. Often recruiters will have the inside scoop on what a hiring manager is looking for in a job applicant and can help you to emphasize these areas in your resume and in your interview.

5. “No” Is Not the End

Good recruiters aren’t there for you just when you have a success. When a resume is rejected or an interview that you thought was great didn’t go so well after all, you’re often left with questions you can’t get answers for. Is there a skill they were looking for that I just don’t have? Did I say something wrong in the interview? A recruiter can help you answer these questions.

You can learn from your mistakes and fix your problem areas so that your next application will be a success. Without this information, you might inadvertently make the same mistakes over and over again. Furthermore, many of the recruiters we spoke with noted that they were willing to continue to search for positions for a candidate even after a rejection.