Top 6 Things You Should Do Before Your Next Big Interview

Any level of preparation is better than none. If you find yourself short on time when preparing for an interview, make sure you cover these six points before you sit down for your interview. Help yourself to put your best foot forward.


You can get a good handle on a company’s goals, culture, and accomplishments by spending some time on their website. Taking the time to read a company’s blog posts can be particularly helpful. Research will not only help you show how well you will fit in with the company, but it will also help you to make a lasting impression by asking intelligent questions at the end of the interview.

Practice and Prepare

Preparing answers to common interview questions in advance will allow you to present the best possible version of yourself. Instead of memorizing a script, simply remember the key points you want to address so that your response remains conversational.

Dress Appropriately

Not all interviews require formal business attire. Take the time to learn about the culture of the company and select an outfit that is slightly more formal than a typical employee might choose. For example, if the office atmosphere is casual and employees wear jeans and t-shirts, wear a nice pair of pressed khakis and a tucked in collared shirt to the interview. Let your attire show that you want the job, but will also be able to fit into the office culture as a team member.

Don’t Come Empty-Handed

Bring extra copies of your resume, references, and portfolio samples (if in hard copy). It is better to print extra copies than to leave a decision-maker empty-handed. Make sure that you also have a pad of paper and at least two pens.

Be Cordial

Treat everyone you see from the time you enter the building with politeness and respect. Smile and make eye contact with all staff members as you interact with them, not just your interviewer. You never know whose opinion will matter in the hiring process.

Silence Your Phone and Leave Snacks at Home

Make sure your interviewer knows that you are present and taking his or her time seriously by silencing your phone and/or watch before even entering the building. Review your prepared answers while waiting for the interview to start rather than fiddle with your phone. Show that your complete focus is on the interview by leaving snacks and drinks at home.