Recruiting Challenges: How to Overcome the Stigma

Even though many Americans are still looking for jobs in the aftermath of the 2008 recession, employers are also struggling to fill open positions. In fact, recent reports show that the United States of 6 million open jobs, which is a record number. The difficulty of finding qualified candidates for necessary positions has led to the development of another career [...]

Recruiting Challenges: How to Overcome the Stigma2017-09-26T07:24:24-04:00

10 Tips for Writing the Perfect Cold Email

As a recruiter, it can be frustrating finding the right strategy when developing a cold email to potential candidates. And, let's face it, it's stressful too. By sending off dozens of crummy emails, you're risking a shot at being placed in the spam box. Not only does this put you in a worse position, it sets you back to square one. Why Recruit with [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Sourcing

Few skills are as important to the ongoing development and success of a business than job sourcing. Not only does it take a back seat to the everyday duties of actually running a business, but the smaller a business is, the less likely it is to prioritize sourcing at all. This is problematic for a number of reasons because smaller [...]

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10 Recruiting Strategies to Find Strong Candidates

The road to finding top talent is often a time-consuming and competitive one. Building a high-performing team takes effort and resources. Other companies are possibly bidding for the same top candidates. And there is often some hard work involved on the behalf of the recruiter in the quest to find the right talent for the task. Leafing through resumes is [...]

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How to Recruit Efficiently: The Tools Recruiters Need

Knowing how to recruit new talent to your company is an essential component of building a great team. But it takes time. And time is money. Studies show that it can take approximately 27 days to make a new hire. That's more than a month of valuable business days. With figures like this, it makes sense to make the process [...]

How to Recruit Efficiently: The Tools Recruiters Need2017-08-21T14:15:46-04:00

7 Tried and True Sourcing Strategies

Human resource professionals, recruiters, and sourcing executives share a unique problem in the current economy. Despite a wealth of resources and technology tools, 86% of HR managers report having difficulty finding technical talent. Many also report a longer time-to-hire over the past 3 years and confess to hiring unqualified talent just to fill empty roles. Experts believe that the biggest [...]

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12 Traits That Will Help You Excel as a Professional Recruiter

Recruiting has changed. With more companies than ever making use of social media to find candidates, the professional recruiter needs to ensure they have a wealth of tools to steer their service from inception to close. The recruiters who truly excel are those who have all the tricks of the trade down pat. With that in mind, let's look at [...]

12 Traits That Will Help You Excel as a Professional Recruiter2017-07-31T14:32:59-04:00

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Recruiting

It's not news to you that the world's going mobile. According to Pew Research Institute, 77% or Americans have a smartphone. Half of Americans also have a tablet. Worldwide, 2.32 billion users have a smartphone. As a recruiter, you know that your top talent can be found among these users. But reaching them, engaging them and sealing the deal can often [...]

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How to Win Over Passive Candidates: 11 Best Strategies

Passive candidates should never be overlooked during the recruitment process. If you have been in the recruitment business for a while then you may know how important it is to consider passive candidates when attempting to fill a position. Do you know how to attract the best employees? These may not be the typical candidates seeking your services, but they [...]

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How AI Can Eliminate Bias In The Hiring Process

Are you a recruiter or human resources professional who is having difficulty finding the right applicants? Has the hiring process become too complicated in today’s testing-based environment? You may experience difficulty in telling whether someone will be a good employee for your company or clients. To this end, there might be too much bias in the way of hiring a [...]

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