The Power of Gender Neutral Job Postings for Job Recruitment

Without a doubt, applying for a new position can be intimidating for a prospective candidate. Typically, there are several things that come to mind when they're reviewing your job postings. "Am I qualified for this role?" "Do my skills match with the necessary job requirements?" And last, but certainly most important: "Will I enjoy and/or fit in working here?" Prospective [...]

The Power of Gender Neutral Job Postings for Job Recruitment2018-07-31T16:19:33-04:00

Stop Making Mistakes: Recruitment Techniques to Avoid

While it might technically be an employer's market out there, that doesn't mean recruiting is easier. Hiring managers are finding it takes longer to fill vacancies than it was years ago. Businesses can't afford to hire the wrong person, let alone someone unqualified. Recruitment techniques have evolved over the past decade as technology has grown. Improved data management and analytics [...]

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How to Leave Voicemails That Get Callbacks

In the 70s, Gordon Matthews was working on the technology that became "voicemail" and he applied for the patent in 1979. His wife Monika, knew how to leave a voicemail. She recorded the first voicemail greeting. Even though voicemail has been with us since the eighties we are still terrible at using it. Are you frustrated that your voicemails seem [...]

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The Secret to Recruiting Great Passive Candidates

The best employees in the world all get fired, laid off or quit. And yet, most employers would rather hire someone with a job right now, or passive candidates. Why is that? According to Forbes Magazine, "When we favor 'passive' candidates over active job-seekers, it's because in that case, we don't have to worry about the circumstances surrounding their departure [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Sourcing

Few skills are as important to the ongoing development and success of a business than job sourcing. Not only does it take a back seat to the everyday duties of actually running a business, but the smaller a business is, the less likely it is to prioritize sourcing at all. This is problematic for a number of reasons because smaller [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Recruiting

It's not news to you that the world's going mobile. According to Pew Research Institute, 77% or Americans have a smartphone. Half of Americans also have a tablet. Worldwide, 2.32 billion users have a smartphone. As a recruiter, you know that your top talent can be found among these users. But reaching them, engaging them and sealing the deal can often [...]

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How AI Can Eliminate Bias In The Hiring Process

Are you a recruiter or human resources professional who is having difficulty finding the right applicants? Has the hiring process become too complicated in today’s testing-based environment? You may experience difficulty in telling whether someone will be a good employee for your company or clients. To this end, there might be too much bias in the way of hiring a [...]

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