The Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

We emailed over 5000 recruiters to ask them, “What are the best chrome extensions for recruiters”. These little chrome plugin-ins can make your job 1000 times easier and help you place more candidates.

Here is the list of the most recommended chrome extensions for recruiters, by recruiters.




Are you finding yourself constantly loading page after page of results because it only gives you 10 results and you really need 100? Autopagerize will load page 1, 2, 3 etc and then combine them all together for you.

Boolean Assistant

If you are looking for a bit of help creating boolean searches in Google this may help you out. Given a job title it will create a boolean search string for you that tailors to the search.


Boomerang integrates with your Gmail to help increase your productivity. It allows you to send emails later, track when your email has been opened, and pause your inbox when you need to focus.

CATS Extension

If you’re a user of the CATS ATS then you will find this extension super useful. It can scrape the user data you are currently viewing on LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice and add their information to the CATS ATS for you.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is a Gmail add-on that allows you to quickly find a person’s email address if you know their name and the company where they work. It will also automatically pull up a person’s picture and a brief bio when you start to write them an email.

Connectifier Social Links

Quickly find all the social network profiles of your candidate. With Connectifier Social Links all of their social profiles are presented and are easy to visit. This makes it much quicker to glance at their details before writing an email.

Contact Out

Contact out adds a simple overlay on top of anyone’s LinkedIn profile and allows you to get their contact information with pretty high accuracy.

Data Miner

Data miner allows you to scrape almost any website and dump the contents into Excel or Google Sheets.


If you are looking to turbocharge LinkedIn then you might want to checkout Dux-Soup. It allows you to automate profile viewing, invitation, direct messages, and export details of any profile you visit.

Ebsta for Salesforce

Ebsta allows you to cross-reference your Salesforce database with the person you’re currently viewing on your web browser.

Find that Lead

Find that lead helps you get email addresses of people you’ve found on LinkedIn.


Fuze makes calling prospects much easier. It allows you to click on any phone number in your browser and take the call anywhere you want a computer, cell phone, or desk phone.

Getmail allows you to quickly search for someone’s email address when you know their first name, last name, and the company they work for.

GlossaryTech for LinkedIn

GlossaryTech is completely free and incredibly slick. It will scan through a LinkedIn profile and highlight any tech terms found on the page. You can also see the frequency of each term and get a quick description of what the term means in plain English. This looks very helpful to quickly spot if a person has the skillset you are searching for.


Our research has told us that candidates hate it when you have typos and poor grammar in your outreach. So much so that they will typically delete your email because of it. Grammarly checks everything you type for spelling and grammar in real time. It’s amazingly useful.


Hiretual was one of the most used plugins by the recruiters we asked. And it’s easy to see why with how powerful it is. Hiretual allows you to find anyone’s email address and phone number, search across 20+ platforms, create smart boolean searches, and X-ray search on Google and 20+ other platforms.

Intelligence Search

Intelligence Search helps you to quickly search for candidates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

LinkedIn Search Tool

LinkedIn Search Tool allows you to highlight any text in your web browser, right-click, and select search on LinkedIn.


Lusha was another highly recommend plugin by recruiters. Lusha allows you to find anyone’s phone number and email address when browsing the web.


This allows you to send SMS messages (Text Messages) directly from your web browser through your Android phone. This is super helpful if your candidate’s want to be texted by allowing you to reply quickly using your regular keyboard.


Multi-highlight allows you to search for and highlight multiple words on a web page.

One Tab

If you have ever needed to open dozens or hundreds of tabs in Chrome at the same time you have probably noticed that it doesn’t work. It gets super slow and unusable. With One Tab you can condense all of your open tabs into one tab and view each page in a list. This is super useful if you are trying to open tons of tabs for each candidate.


Prophet has a lot going for it. First, if you visit a candidate’s profile on say Twitter it can help you find their profiles across all social networks. Second, it can help find their email address. Third, it can verify the validity of that email address so you are less likely to trigger into spam by sending to incorrect addresses.


Full disclosure, I’ve been using Rapportive for a few months now and really love it. When you enter a person’s email address in Gmail it will show you a bio of them, recent social activity, and links to all of their social accounts. I find it particularly useful when I’m writing cold emails.


Textus allows you to instantly communicate via two-way text message with your contacts directly from your CRM, ATS or website.