10 Recruiting Strategies to Find Strong Candidates

The road to finding top talent is often a time-consuming and competitive one. Building a high-performing team takes effort and resources. Other companies are possibly bidding for the same top candidates.

And there is often some hard work involved on the behalf of the recruiter in the quest to find the right talent for the task.

Leafing through resumes is a fact of life for the recruiter. In order to find the right person for the job, it is essential to read about the candidate’s past job experiences and accomplishments.

But there is nothing more frustrating than reading endless resumes from candidates who aren’t suitable for the vacancy.

Another frustration for the recruiter is the issue of time-wasting candidates.

You’ll recognize these individuals. They seem to treat the recruitment process as an interesting hobby rather than a serious procedure designed to fill a vacancy. These are the people who are hard to contact, don’t return calls, or miss the scheduled interview time.

However, using good recruiting strategies can cut down the time involved in the recruitment process and increase productivity. By using innovative recruiting strategies you can raise your chances of finding strong candidates for the position.

In order to spend your recruitment time wisely, it pays to get a little creative with your recruiting methods. Read on to discover some of the top recruiting strategies which can help you find that perfect candidate.

Get Socially Active On Recruiting Strategies

Social media allows people to reach a wide audience. There are now many ways for individuals to digitally advertise the fact that they’re seeking work.

Browse through CVs and resumes on sites such as Visual CV. Sites such as this allow individuals to create a profile and upload their resume. This can be a much more productive way to find candidates than sifting through a desk loaded down with resumes.

A site such as LinkedIn can be another good way to find great candidates. The site allows professionals to list their credentials, achievements, and interests, giving you valuable insights into a candidate’s background.

Look to Facebook groups as well. There is an endless range of Facebook groups dedicated to a whole range of activities. Perhaps your local area has its own community page?

Stage a Meet & Greet As Part Of Your Recruiting Strategies

Consider having the candidates come to you. This can be an effective method of screening talent and getting to know potential employees.

A candidate Open House involves inviting suitable candidates to an event. The event could be staged to introduce candidates to the company. You could tell them a little about the job position and engage in some one-on-one interaction.

An Open House can be an excellent way to decide which candidates should move on to the interview stage of the recruitment process. By using recruitment strategies such as this, you have the opportunity to observe candidates in a group situation. You can also get to know them in a more informal manner.

This recruitment strategy can also quickly determine the candidates who have a genuine interest in the role. The candidates who make the time to attend such an event are clearly the people you need to concentrate your recruitment efforts on.

Group Interviews For Recruiting Strategies

Using a group interview process for the first part of candidate screening can also be highly effective.

If you have a lot of people interested in the role and wish to quickly cut down numbers to focus on the most suitable candidate, a group interview can work well. A group interview can take the form of an interactive question and answer session or a “speed-dating” interview where you spend a certain amount of time with each candidate before moving on.

If you choose to use the group interview method, be aware that the extroverted candidates will be the people who stand out in the crowd. In a public question and answer environment, the extroverts will excel.

Keep the role in mind. Is the position more suitable to an extroverted or introverted personality type? The one-on-one aspect of speed interviewing may give you a better result if you’re not specifically seeking an outgoing person.

Advertise Where The Right People Gather

One of the best recruiting strategies? You can increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate by pitching your job vacancy towards places where good candidates are likely to gather. Online communities are a perfect place to find the kind of people you are seeking.

Looking for new members for your IT team? Join online developer forums and advise that you have a role available. You already know that the members have an interest in, and a knowledge of, the subject matter.

Need a new salesperson? These personality types are generally competitive and driven. As part of your recruiting strategies, try looking online at cycle racing or paddleboarding forums.

You can be very creative with this form of recruiting strategies. Perhaps there is a local event such as a fun run coming up in your area? The community group staging the event may be printing low-key promotional materials. Give out as handouts where you advertise your vacancy.

Cherry Pick Your Candidates

It is a known fact that many of the top candidates are already employed elsewhere. Up to two-thirds of job seekers already have a job when they start looking for a new one.

Recruiting strategies which require the employer to be proactive can be very useful. By handpicking passive candidates (employed individuals not actively looking for work) you can gain the upper hand in the search for top talent.

By reaching out personally to potential candidates you are showing the talent that you are really interested in them. Identify several people who you would be ideal for the role. Do a little research via social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Approach your candidates in a professional and creative manner. One suggestion could be to send them a video link explaining the vacancy and the reason why you think they are perfect for the role.

Just because a person is not actively looking for another job doesn’t mean they can’t be persuaded to leave their current employment for a better or more interesting offer.

Broaden Your Search Methods

Most recruitment strategies focus on the traditional methods of advertising a role. Job boards, company websites, and newsletters are often used to promote a vacancy. However, the right person for the role may not be looking in these places.

Get creative with your recruitment strategies. Quicken Loans, a company which is often listed in Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Places To Work” takes a proactive approach to finding candidates. The company once held an employment blitz on local stores and eating houses, encouraging their employees to interact with the public and offer interviews to those who showed promise.

The more people who are aware of the vacancy, the more chance you have of finding good candidates. Widen your search net and look for candidates in unexpected places. Not all potential candidates are reading job boards on a daily basis.

Find Like-Minded People

Identifying and sourcing people who are the right fit for the job can be a difficult process. Some people like to use recruitment strategies such as job fairs to find candidates. However, these fairs are often over-populated and competitive and many of the best candidates already have a job.

Consider using other ways to find people with the interests and skills which would fit the position. Public events and groups including Meetup can be an excellent way to find people who share the same passions.

Search through local Meetup groups. A diverse range of tastes and interests are catered for and most of the groups are very easy to join. Depending on your business line, you may choose to join a tech group, an outdoors group, or a journalism group.

Try Job Casting

Significant advances in technology have opened up a whole range of new media. Podcasts and video platforms such as YouTube enable anyone to create a video and load it online.

A video has a lot more impact than a written job description. It’s interactive and it’s a lot more fun.

Recruitment strategies such as job casting will make your company stand out. It’s a contemporary and modern approach to the traditional ways of finding candidates.

Back to the Future

Don’t overlook past candidates when seeking to fill a new vacancy. If your company has an HR Department they may make it a practice to keep the resumes of good candidates as part of your recruiting strategies.

It is also helpful to remember that if you find good people during the interview process (who may not be quite right for that particular role), they may be suitable for another role. Get into the habit of asking top talent if they would mind if you kept their resume on file. Someone whom you have already met and interviewed could the person you need for your current vacancy.

The person may have moved on to another job or they may not be interested in this particular role but it doesn’t hurt to ask. In fact, it could produce a very successful result.

Incentivize It

Who doesn’t love an incentive? Using referrals in your arsenal of recruiting strategies can be an excellent way of finding top talent. And if you offer an incentive you may find more people who are willing to refer candidates to you.

The incentive could take many forms. You may offer a pay bonus, a few extra vacation days, or a swanky new office chair. Choose something that you know your employees would consider to be a perk.

By offering incentives you are also creating a little competitiveness, a strategy which can be helpful. If something good is up for grabs you are more likely to have several referrals landing on your desk.

Optimize the Candidate Experience

The job market experiences constant swings and roundabouts. The current trend has placed the employer on the backburner. Now, the candidate holds the key position. In a market such as this, the candidate has more choices than they have had for many years.

Don’t make applying for the position a difficult or long-drawn out process. The candidate may have other options and if it is going to take two hours to fill out the application form they may not want to bother. You don’t want to lose top talent because they’ve decided your competitor’s application process is quicker and easier to use.

You don’t want to lose top talent because they’ve decided your competitor’s application process is quicker and easier to use.

Use recruitment strategies such as making the job description very clear, making the process involved to apply very simple, and keeping your candidate up-to-date on their job application progress.

Build Positive Relationships

Of all the recruiting strategies discussed here, this would have to be one of the most important. Regardless of whether you intend to hire the candidate you are interviewing or not, it is important that the job seeker leaves with a good feeling about your meeting.

During the course of the interview process, you are the face of the business. If the interview is not a positive experience you can be sure that the candidate will tell others. You do not want your business to be seen in a bad light due to poor interviewing techniques.

Try and strike a balance between professionalism and a friendly approach. Thank the candidate for coming. Advise them that you will let them know of the interview outcome, and follow this up.

Find Recruiting Strategies That Work

We’ve addressed a wide range of different recruiting strategies in this article, but there are still many other methods by which to source top talent.

The key point to remember is to find a process that works for you and your company. Make it fluid and be willing to continually improve. Use basic recruitment best practices but be prepared to tweak them a little to better meet the needs of both your business and the vacancy.

The right person for the role is out there. You may need to be creative in your search to find them and you may need to be willing to be competitive. But by using creative recruiting strategies you can cut down the time involved in the process and increase your chances of a prompt and satisfactory result.