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Turbo-charge your recruitment

MeetToby helps recruiters send emails that get more responses.



“I had no idea automated follow-ups were this powerful. Before using MeetToby I rarely followed up with candidates, and when I did it was incredibly time consuming. Now 93% of my email replies are coming from MeetToby’s automated follow-ups and it saves me countless hours each week.”

Tyler Muth, HIT Recruiter

“Automatic scheduled follow ups is something I haven’t seen in any recruitment software our organization uses. The time and energy that feature will save will be incredibly valuable.”

Kelly Cunningham, Technical Recruiter

Get Way More Responses to Your Cold Emails

MeetToby can automatically follow-up with every email that you send. It’s possible to get 10 times more email replies just by using our automated follow-ups.

Just write your follow-ups when you write your initial email and MeetToby will follow-up for you automatically. Even better create a template (or use the great built-in ones) to create an entire sequence in just one click.

Want to see how dramatic of an improvement it can make? Try MeetToby completely free for 14 days.

Learn What Emails Are Working

With MeetToby you can learn exactly what emails are working.

Easily see when the recipient has read your email or clicked your links.


See When a Candidate is Most Likely to Respond

Based on interviews with hundreds of recruiters, MeetToby knows when you consider a candidate hot. As soon as we detect they are hot we will let you know.

It’s a great time to pick up the phone and give them a call.

Make It as Easy as Possible to Respond to Your Email

It may not seem like it but getting a candidate to reply to your email is a ton of work for them. We take it from four tedious steps to just one click of a button.

As soon as they click a button you’ll get notified.

Built for recruiters

We’ve talked to thousands of successful recruiters to figure out exactly how to supercharge your recruiting efforts. Our singular goal is making your outreach more effective.

Learn how MeetToby can dramatically improve your business